Do what you love and do it well

I started my business in 1997 as a freelance HTML programmer. I’d programmed websites in college before working for an architecture firm. After a few months, I realized life was too short not to be doing what I love to do.

I provide website services such as designing, programming and marketing websites. My customer base are small businesses, more of which are growing small businesses headed by women who are 30-40 years old, who now realize that they need a web presence to bring in business and stay competitive.

After working with so many people and with their existing websites, I realized that it wasn’t about just creating websites; it was about taking websites to the next level. Hence the name “nextSTEPH” was established in 2004. Since then, my clients have become my sales team. They say “Take your website to the nextSTEPH”, and they bring in prospective clients.

Do what you love and do it well. When you do a good job and people are aware if it, they suddenly turn into your best salespeople. I have gotten most of my clients via word of mouth because of the work that I had done with just one site.

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