Send out a Press Release to Improve your SEO

In keeping with last month’s newsletter theme, “Making your Voice Heard” , we will focus on another way on making your voice heard, by distributing a press release online.

There is always an opportunity to submit a press release. Some examples are the release of a book, the acquistion of a new client, or the launching a new product or service.

Of course, we know of the usual channels to distribute a press release, by faxing it to a local newspaper, radio and TV stations in the hopes that you will receive calls from it. However in this day and age, there is also another way, that of the web.

There are several sites that will help you distribute your press release online. The most relevant one to date is PR Web ( They offer free distribution of your release, however, if you require visibility, i.e. being actively pinged or catalogued by the search engines, and/or the ability to edit your post, PR web accepts donations. Each $10 donation earns your press release a star.

PRNewswire ( is another website that also distributes press releases online. This site is a graduated version of PRWeb. The features are a bit more advanced.

Regardless whether or not if you have the funds or not, a press release distributed on the web will help improve your search engine visibilty.

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