Free Agency

As of the beginning of March, I stepped into a somewhat familiar but exciting phase in my professional career, that of being a totally free agent.

Free Agency is not just a term reserved for professional athletes. According to Daniel Pink’s book Free Agent Nation: The Future of Working for Yourself
, there were over 25 million free agents in the US. In 2001, that number was over 30 million, so I certainly have company.

Of course, going through the growing pains of being a one person act, sticking to a schedule, learning when to say “no”, establishing boundaries between professional, volunteer and personal obligations and getting in tune with my work style has been one amazing and scary journey, all at once.

For instance, I had always been able to focus on designing after business hours in the evening. I attribute this to my architecture training and numerous design charettes I had to execute.

So think about when you are at your best in order to do what you need to do. This past month has taught me something, that knowing when you work best is the foundation to being a free agent.

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