To Flash or not to Flash

Lately, I have been asked to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Flash sites. Surprisingly, what website owners don’t know is that search engines do not necessarily know who to catalog them. They typically only catalog the first page, the homepage and not any other page(s) due to that the other “pages” are scenes and not web pages in the “common” sense.

What has been a major concern across the board is getting traffic to flash websites. If you are a celebrity website, traffic is not necessarily a primary issue, but for everyone else, traffic is a factor in getting leads, sign ups and sales.
Flash is an excellent tool for video, quizzes and interactive demonstrations. However, if flash is the primary way people navigate through your website, here are some tips to help make their visit notable:

1. Give your visitors the tools to fully experience your site by installing a link at the bottom of the web page for your website visitors to download the latest versions of the programs used on that page (and/or website). If you have PDF documents on your website, this means that you should provide a link to the free PDF reader as well.

2. If you want your website to reach the widest possible audience, give your website visitors the option of an HTML website. Even in 2006, not everyone has a broadband connection. The HTML version can have a faster download time, which is also catalog friendly to the search engines.






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