Take the Yard Sale Online

After a session with a noteworthy fashion and style diva, I decided that the philosophy of getting rid of what one does not need, does not fit, or does not use can apply to more than just clothing.
After much procrastination, I had finally decided to tackle my abode and determine what items fit in those categories.

The first thing I parted with was my architecture supplies. I haven’t “done” architecture since my undergraduate days. I had decided to post them in the “free” section of Craigslist in the hopes that a current student could benefit from them. Within a matter of hours, an interior design student replied to my post and picked the supplies up.

Other items that I had sold on Craigslist included an external CD hard drive, a memory card and an ottoman. I had even sold my previous Palm Zire 71 on eBay, because I had upgraded to the Treo 650.

The main point is that one does not need an actual yard, or a ton of flyers posted around the neighborhood to have a yard sale. By posting the wares online, the yard becomes the whole world, and that certainly covers an infinite amount of square footage. You also don’t have to spend an entire Saturday waiting for customers to peruse through your bins.

What does not sell, you can donate. I donated my clothes to the Salvation Army. All I had to do was call to arrange a pick-up date.