Why I freelance?

Contstruction Hat

I can answer that question with one word. Grandma.

My mother has passed. Mom didn’t have any siblings and neither do I so Grandma is all I have left of my maternal roots. It is my duty and obligation to look after my grandmother. Grandma took care of everyone, my great-grandmother, Mom, me, as well as my second-cousins. So this is why I must look after her.

My mother literally worked herself to death. She would be in the office as early as 5am, just to get some peace, quiet and focus to get her job done. What I will never forgive myself for is not being there for my mother during her last hours because I was working. I promised myself that I would never work so hard that I did not get to live my life.

So please, I realize that I may be taking a step back from my career, some of you may even consider it “career suicide”, but it is my honor and privilege to put my grandmother as a priority, since she has put everyone else first for so long.

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  1. I followed the links to this through your recent posting on Facebook. I am looking forward to learning more. It sounds like you’re making smart decisions for yourself.

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