A retailer joins the “Browser Bar” wars

Its enough that websites are asking you to visit them. The “Browser Bar” war (the battle for space on your web browser) has been brewing for over 3 years. Lately, it is not enough to have (insert your browser here) install a default browser bar with carefully selected links. Recently the search engines have gotten in the game with a search box, as well as their links. Now HSN (Home Shopping Network) along with Ask.com search box, has introduced their browser bar to their e-mail subscribers as a way to have a constant presence on user’s browser. I can only imagine the speculation that is already brewing about this development.
Will HSN have “radar” as to what their subscribers are viewing online?
What effect this will have on subscribers’ privacy?
Are other retailers going to follow suit?
What will be the browser design implications?
Will the browser become so crowded so that you can’t see the actual browser window?

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