Join in the conversation with a blog

In the last newsletter, we talked about Social Networking Sites, such as MySpace, Facebook.

In this newsletter, we will talk about one way how businesses can become part of the conversation.

The easiest way for businesses to become part of the conversation is to create a blog or (weblog) A blog is an online journal of sorts where one can write about their interests in a chronological manner.

There are many advantages and benefits to having a blog. Some applications include using a blog to keep an archive of :

  • Press Releases
  • Publicity News Items
  • Articles
  • and of course, Newsletters

How a blog can be beneficial for business is that it can increase not only public relations or PR visibility, but also a web site’s search engine visibility.

Take for example a press releases web page. One web page may contain 5 press releases. With a blog, the press release section can become 5 separate webpages.

Another example is newsletters. Did you ever get a tip from a newsletter and found yourself having to refer to it later? Archiving the newsletters by a blog is a good way to organize and reference them for later use. In fact, an example of a newsletter archive is the Wild Women Entrepreneurs Newsletters at .

One can get started with creating a blog with the applications below.

Publishing a blog is the first step, but how will people know about your blog(s)?
Tune in to the next newsletter to find out.


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