Making code from scratch

Kneading Hands

For those of you are not familiar, Feedburner is a service that lets you monitor the amount of people who subscribe to receive your blog post. Subscribers can also choose to receive posts by email.

I been having a difficult time with the Feedburner FeedFlare code on Blogger. I have a couple of clients who were having challenges with JavasScript code for the FeedFlare ( a service that lets visitors bookmark blog posts to the social networking site of their choice (, Digg, StumbleUpon, etc…). The code provided by Feedburner did not publish at all, no matter how much I published. So, after much thought and pacing, I decided I had to create the code from scratch. I described it to one of my clients as “making a cake from scratch vs. using the instant mix.” I “kneaded” the code exactly how I wanted it to look, published and the rest is history. The lesson… don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty and shape the dough in the way you want it.

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