How to take your bookmarks and other webpages with you.

Back in the day, one had to manually re-bookmark their bookmarks or favorites from browser to browser.
Now ’tis the season for traveling and one may or may not have the patience to tug a laptop along on a trip.

I had went as far a exporting my bookmarks to a html file on my USB drive.

As I would often forget my USB drive, I had then uploaded the file to My Yahoo! Briefcase to virtually transport them from work, school and home.
Then, came Google Browser Sync, which syncs your FireFox bookmarks for one browser to another, i.e. from a desktop to a laptop.
Now, social bookmarking, you can also bookmark your personal websites as well. Most sites like allow you to make bookmarks private, so that you will only have access to them when you login.
Now if you are on the go from one computer to another, or traveling, one does not have to worry about accessing their bookmarks. Just remember, to use your web resources.

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