How to promote your blog on free web hosting

Recently, I was asked how to promote your blog if one has free web hosting.

Some popular examples of blog hosts with free web hosting include:

The way to promote your blog is to network and get social.

  1. Register for a Feedburner Account and enable Feedflare. Feedflare enables subscribers to your blog to share blog posts by emailing and bookmarking them. For those familiar with HTML, Feedflare can also provide you with code to place beneath every post.
  2. Place a feed of your blog on other sites. If you have a MySpace account or a FaceBook account, you can publish your blog’s feed in other places. Springwidgets lets you do just that. Check out the WildWE’s MySpace page for an example.
  3. Write good content. I’ll tell anyone don’t post and comment for the sake of it. Post and comment with a purpose and be genuine.
  4. Build a community. Make friends online (and off). Tell others about your blog (unless you are blogging anonymously). Find others who are blogging about similar topics and connect with them. Subscribe to their feeds to learn more about your neck of the blogosphere.

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