Web Ex’s Leads Machine is broken.

System Error

I normally try not to complain on the blog, but this is business. I was considering switching web conferencing providers because recent clients sited that they could not see everything on my screen that I was presenting. I attempted to sign up for a free trial from Web Ex. When I entered in information, credit card, etc…, the error message came up that said “System currently unavailable. Please try again later.”

I then called customer service. Customer service, then routed me to a 15 minute wait for Technical Support. When I got them, they told me to login. How can I log into an account when at that stage I am not even a customer? I didn’t have an account and she expected me to login? The more she was talking the more confused I became, so the I hung up in frustration.
So Web Ex, please fix you form. This is the kind of thing that not only cost you leads, but also has an effect on the bottom line.

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  1. Update: after another attempted call and a chat support, I was finally able to register. I don’t know if I will get the free trial now since I registered for the pay as you go package. Stay tuned.

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