What happens after your get the lead?

What happens after you receive your SEM/PPC leads or any website leads for that matter?

In the case for an e commerce website, this is necessarily not an issue as the website goal is to get an online sale. However, for other website goals, what happens beyond the lead requires establishing contact. Here are some questions to consider before embarking on a any campaign.

1. Can you respond to leads in a timely manner?
(no more than 24 hours nowadays as I recently learned as someone else beat me to a responding to a prospect.) However, the norm is 24-72 hours.

2. Do you have the resources to handle the leads?
Believe it or not, there are companies out there that do not know what to do when the volume of leads increase.

  • Is there a database to put leads in after the are received such as a mailing list?
  • Do you follow up by email or by phone?
  • Do other stages need to take place before the lead becomes a sale?
  • Is there a reporting system in place to refer to?

These procedures need to be established and defined before embarking on any marketing campaign.

3. Have an alternate way of contact listed the website
Of course, there can be snafus in e commerce. What happens if someone if having trouble navigating the website? What if they have having trouble with the shopping cart? Is there a phone number available on the website? Having a phone number on the website can help in retrieving sales.
Other ways also include instant messaging. Some sites have it appear as soon as a visitor enters the website.

When organizations establish methods for handling leads from the start, the likelihood that leads will slip through the cracks will decrease.

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