Upgrading or Migrating your blog to WordPress

Lately the buzz in the blogosphere has been about upgrading to WordPress 2.3. Since I have been through several upgrades for clients in the past couple of weeks, I am going to provide some tips and strategies needed to survive the upgrade.

  1. Backup everything. – This includes custom templates, existing plugins and the database.

  2. Items may have shifted during the course of the upgrade. – Be prepared to re-install everything after the upgrade, including the items listed in point #1

  3. Be prepared the the blog may not look exactly the same as it did before – I upgraded this blog to Version 2.3 using one of the automatic WordPress Install Hosts. The categories were listed alphabetically instead of by category hierarchy. How did I get it back? Just publish a new blog post (ahem..) and the dashboard as well as your blog categories will refresh itself with it original hierarchy.

  4. What’s with the widgets? – Widgets are small lines of code that you can move into the sidebar with ease. For a simple way to install widgets on your existing WordPress Blog template , check out this resource.





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