Being specific makes a difference online

I was charged with ordering flowers for a family member who was recently in the hospital. I first went to my local florist to look around to get an idea as to what I wanted to send. I asked about delivery and it was way over budget.

I then decided to go online, I typed the zip code of my family member, then the service that I wanted. In this case “q=114xx flowers.”

I was shown many florist sites in the area. I clicked on them, and they only stated that the served broad communities of Queens. As anyone familiar with Queens knows, Queens is made up of a lot of neighborhood and communities, so saying “We serve Queens!” is not enough.

I went though 3 florists websites before finding the one that served the specific Queens neighborhood I wanted the flowers to be delivered to. I also gave feedback to that specific florist that having that neighborhood listed on their website made me want to make the call.


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