Domain Diet

Many people are bracing themselves for the drama of the holiday season and tackling gaining and losing weight. However due to current circumstances, I have been forced to go on a domain diet.

I have been collecting domains like fashionistas collect shoes. Also in my defense, not all of the domains are mine, as some actually belong to clients. Its just that whenever I have a great idea, I buy the domain. Sometimes I actually do something with the domain, otherwise, I let it sit and redirect and then forget until its time for the renewal.

So, if I have a idea for a domain, I can’t just simply buy it anymore. I have to run it by my marketing director and my chairperson.

How have I been combating my domain diet (or rehab as some of my friends call it)?

1. Setting up subdomains. e.g. “”;

2. Taking a look at my domains quarterly and figure out what to let expire and what to consolidate. I got a domain year ago, intending for it to be a stand alone site, but noticed I wasn’t blogging on it as often as I should, so I decided to create a category in my blog and have that domain redirect to that category.

3. Looking into auctioning off a domain or two. I haven’t had much experience in this believe it or not, so if anyone has any tips or suggestions for best practices, please let me know.

I will keep you posted via the blog to track my progress.





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