What’s up with IE6 being Buggy with Blogs?

Instead of dreaming of turkey, ham and all the trappings of a southern style Thanksgiving, I’m trying to get all the bugs out. Nobody likes finding a bug in their food or in their websites.


I am also singing the blues, the browser compatibility blues. One client said yesterday that their sidebar is showing more than in should. Another said that their sidebar is not aligning properly, and finally a prospective client whose site I have never touched is saying that their blog content does not appear immediately above the fold in IE. Then, I knew this was not all my doing.

No matter how many screenshots I send, the story is that most of the planet is still on IE6. and if the clients can’t see it, how do I expect everyone else to?

Right now, I am resorted to to creating separate stylesheet for IE6. If anyone has any experience or advice, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment.



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