Being a freelancer during office party season


Yes, Its that time of the year yet again. Last year, I wrote about what freelancers can do to go to holiday parties through their networks.

If you have been good about online networking all year, you have probably received a few invites from colleagues, clients and associates to their events.

If you haven’t, there are things that you can do to welcome the holiday season.

1. Throw or participate in a Holiday Potluck. Recently a few friends and I threw a potluck as a way to learn about other people’s recipes and holiday stories.

2. Meet new people. Sometimes we are caught behind our desks 24/7 that we sometimes forget how to be social. Its good to find a group (by using Meetup as an example) to reach out in person that interest you (that is not necessarily related to computers and/or the Internet.) Its also nice to have a place just to chill and where people will not always associate you with being a web designer.

3. Be open to new possibilities. This is the season for light and hope. You never know who you may meet when you are out and about that may lead you to that next project or that next good friend.



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