Blogging is a Journey, not necessarily a destination


Lately, when I’ve set-up (as in design and program) blogs for clients and colleagues, I am often asked, “What do I write about?”

Being that this is a new year (Happy New Year!) I have decided to dwell upon my process of how and where I come up with ideas of what to write on the blog. So this is one of those deep behind the curtains posts.

A blog does not happen overnight, contrary to what some believe. A blog is an organic process. It grows with TLC (tender loving care) and time. Patience and focus is what is needed for a blog to become worthwhile.

Even I get stuck wondering what to write about and when. When inspiration strikes, I typically make it a point to have pen and paper on me at all times. If I think of a headline, I can always hash it out later when I have room to breathe and contemplate. Some ideas make it into this blog, others blow up into a blog of their own.

I have never claimed to be a literary goddess (my editor can testify to that), but over the past year I have become better at catching phonetic mistakes before I post and FireFox has been phenomenal of catching the spelling errors. Also through clients, I have also learned about how I work from kneading code , finding my voice, and of course following my new passion.

So no matter what or where your destination is regarding your blog, may you be enriched by the journey.

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