Place the “oxygen mask” on yourself before assisting others


As far as resolutions go, I have a long way to go. With working on various websites and personal commitments, I often forget that I need to “take care” of myself. However, I am taking the first step by modifying my website.

I started by purging and sorting items in the blog. Now I’m going section by section of the website putting the new modified template page by page.

So if you’re perusing the site and the site is 2 different colors, don’t be alarmed. It’s a transformation in progress, but is a website really ever done?


One response to “Place the “oxygen mask” on yourself before assisting others”

  1. janet hall Avatar

    Steph, This is so true! As you know I help others too and I started looking at my sites and have begun the clean up, organization and new look and feel. Transformation takes awhile yet worth it. I would encourage all your readers to step back and look at and rethink their site(s) look and feel, navigation and organization and see where they too can improve.
    Best to you this year,
    Janet Hall

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