Computers, Web Hosting and Blogging Operating Systems

The following question was submitted by a reader from Squidoo.

I’m looking for web hosting to set-up a WordPress blog. My desktop system is in Windows and WordPress requires Linux. Does the web hosting operating system need to be the same as my computer desktop operating system?

The operating system of your computer can be different from the operating system of your web host. Web hosting is basically ‘renting’ , ‘letting’ or leasing out space, like you would an apartment. They do not need to be on the same operating system.

Thanks to Leo C. for the question.

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One response to “Computers, Web Hosting and Blogging Operating Systems”

  1. Andre Avatar

    Hi Steph, my question is:

    I recently began blogging in October of 2007, I’ve been enjoying it immensely so far and have been thinking of going the next step. Right now, I blog on – the free version. However, I understand there are certain limitations with this version. Would you suggest I wait until I was a more seasoned blogger our should I go ahead and try my hand at creating a blog now? Thanks

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