Transferring Contacts from a PC to a Mac

My very first client for BeaOrganized (the organization part of my business, who is not a family member) several months ago wanted their address contacts to be transferred from their Windows PC (I am not going to say what version to protect them) to their Mac OS 9 system.

The solution:
Since the PC did not have any USB ports (Did I say I wasn’t going to mention the Windows Version?) I had to think out of the box literally. I got a 1.44MB HD disk (remember those? It wasn’t that long ago) and an external floppy drive for the Mac. I worked on the PC, opened the address book and exported each contact as a vCard (.vcf or .vcard) file.

I’ve installed USB external floppy drive to the Mac and inserted the floppy disk. I then opened the Address Book program on the Mac and the contacts In less than 5 minutes, I’ve imported over 300 entries.

So yes (insert name here), it is possible to transfer contacts from one platform to another.


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