WordPress.com or WordPress.org?


In this edition of Ask NextSTEPH, a reader wants to know when is the right time to host their own blog.

I recently began blogging in October of 2007, I’ve been enjoying it immensely so far and have been thinking of going the next step. Right now, I blog on WordPress.com – the free version. However, I understand there are certain limitations with this version. Would you suggest I wait until I was a more seasoned blogger our should I go ahead and try my hand at creating a WordPress.org blog now? Thanks

I haven’t blogged on wordpress.com, so I am answering this based on client experience. In terms of design, you are limited to the templates in wordpress.com, also if you need extra space to upload images, you are also limited as well, but can by storage credits.

You are allowed to modify the CSS stylesheet that comes with your theme, but that can only take you so far.

If you are getting web hosting you can installing the wordpress.org software on your server. You can start with the existing templates, but you have more freedom to create your own theme. Plus, if you are focusing your blog on a certain theme, think about the name of the domain carefully. It can make or break you in terms of getting noticed in the search engines. Also make sure your host accepts WordPress’ hosting requirements.

Should you decide to host your own blog, I created a list of Web Hosts that make installing WordPress easy.

In the end, I think you would have more freedom with your own web hosting, than on WordPress.com

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