SEMPO-NY Local Recap Thoughts

Last week, I went to the inaugural SEMPO-NY meetup. For more information about SEMPO, what it stands for etc. click here.

When it became time to make announcements, I heard Pitchgirl (aka Laura Allen) in my head nudging me to go ahead and pitch. I wasn’t necessarily pitching for business, but for fellow comrades.

I stated that I feel I don’t belong either in “in-house” box or the “agency” box, since I have done and continuing to work in both seats. I was simply taking the temperature of the room to see if anyone felt the same way as an independent search consultant.

After I stated my piece peace, I could hear a pin drop in the room. I did however manage to connect with a fellow independent.

If there are any independent search people out there, let me know where you are by commenting, regardless of location.


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