A review of WordPress 2.5

OK, so its approximately a month since WordPress 2.5 dropped. Since I have either upgraded and/or installed WordPress on 5, yes FIVE different sites (including this one), and clients and others have asked me about my opinion on this, I think its time to state my view (especially with the launch of this new blog .)

Kudos for making the interface brighter and giving people a choice if they want “old school” or new school colors. I am certainly much more “awake” blogging that I was with previous versions.

Of course, items have been know to shift during the course of upgrades. Luckily, my web-host made upgrading easy and more amazingly, everything was in place (including plugins and themes.)

Also, items in the Dashboard area have shifted as well. The new version separates the operations area (writing, posting, comments, categories) from the administrative area (settings, plugins and users). This is a good idea so that people to not have to fear deleting something major.

Another plus is the post slug in the permalink feature. Its slightly annoying that it appears after you publish the post. Of course, one is free to edit it after the fact. In the end one has to look at the glass as being half full and write excellent title headings so that one can have a search-engine friendly url.

Also it easier to find drafts. With a full arsenal of them, it wasn’t always easy for me before to go and find them.

The one thing that new users may find confusing is finding a way to edit a post or a page. Before, there was an “Edit” button. Now, you simply click on the name of the post to edit it.

Overall this is a huge leap from WordPress 2.3 in comparison to the jump from WordPress 2.0 to 2.3. I am sure I will find more things as I go along in this blog, so stay tuned. Feel free to tell me what you think.






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