Tap into your tag cloud to figure out your next blog, (product or project)

That’s how this blog Custom Branded Blogs came to be. I have been actively blogging on my other this blog for over 6 years (time does fly), so it was time for the blogging category to leave the nest evolve into its own project. Most people would not feel comfortable letting their 6 year old be independent. However, with blogging being the 2nd most popular category in terms of both categories and tags, it seemed logical to let it stand on its own.

Now you are probably wondering how come I didn’t spin off “digital coaching“. I found out about it as a profession over a month ago, even though a majority of what I do can be considered “digital coaching”. We’ll keep the old blog to digital coaching and see what develops. Anything is possible.

Update: Due to limited resources (and time), blog posts from Custom Branded Blogs have been consolidated back into this blog. CBB will continue to showcase blog products and services by nextSTEPH.





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