Why businesses should have a backup email address for leads

One of the re-occurring themes over the past several months that has been presenting itself over and over again, is the need to back-up. This is more so the case when it comes to getting and storing your business leads.

There are a few reason why you may want to use that spare gmail or yahoo account and/or pay a nominal fee for extra storage.

  1. Websites do go down. I’ve seen this happened and in response, we decided to blind cc:ing responses from the form to a separate web -based email account.
  2. Domains expire, and you still need a way to communicate with prospects and clients during that time. Most OSP (Online Service Providers) have f*ree web based services where you can post a temporary page until the main site is back up. Also, ask your web host if they provide mirroring services, that the website will still operate but on another server until the primary server is fixed and resolved.
  3. Verification. There are times you may need to prove when something actually came in. Having a backup email account let you use “checks and balances” to achieve just that.






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