MP3 Player Memory Lane

All this talk about mp3s has gotten me thinking about the mp3 players I had in the past and how they all in some shape of form have gotten me to this point.

1. Iomega Clik! Drive
. This is how it all got started circa 2000, 2001. There was a player that went with this that I cannot seem to find anywhere
online. It fitted about the length of a CD of songs. I had to carry 2 or 3 of these to make it throught the typical Gotham daily commute.

2. Then I went and got the Creative Zen NX. This was the answer because it handles both mp3s and .wma (which are still the majority of files that I have). For more on this, look at my previous post.

3. Then when I got the Palm Treo 650, I got the SanDisk 2GB SD Card
to only take my absolute favorites with me. This fits around 500 songs give or take.

4. Now with the Palm Centro, I have the SanDisk microSD Card. Now I have about 150 songs on it now. The important thing is now I’m not in such a rush frezny to get a MP3 Player per se.

In the end, when the right one comes along, just like everything else in life , I’ll know it.

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