Don’t lose your business when you lose your voice


As Google stated, the flu going around. Here in Gotham (NYC) there has been many variations of the cold. My version is the sore throat that made my voice disappear.

In addition to following my own advice from watching videos online and jotting down my ideas, I decided that this was a good time to focus on things that don’t require vocal cords

  1. If people do call (and they will), and if they have an email address, write an email to acknowledge that you have received their call and will return the call at a better time (like when I get my voice back.) If someone cannot wait, outsource and delegate!
  2. Catching up on tasks that fell to the wayside. That email that took a month to return. Taking action on that proposal that never got done due to an influx of work. Signing up for a Webinar. These are a few of many things I managed to clean up in a few days.
  3. Taking time to listen. Not only to listen to others, but listening internally to myself.
  4. Cleaning and organizing my environment. My mom used to say a clean environment lets the ideas come through.
  5. Finally, take time to catch up on hobbies, and eat. After all, Gram says that I still have to keep up my strength.



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