When 4 goals aren’t enough

Lately, I have been working with clients who have more than 4 goals on their website.

As we know, there are multiple goals a website can have, but what happens when 4 isn’t enough?

Google Analytics currently has space for 4 goals. What happens when the client want to add another goal page?

In this environment, its not like most companies and/or small businesses can afford to buy an off the shelf solution.

In  Google Analytics, one can go to “Content > Top Content ”  and/or “Content by Title” and do a search based on the file name and/or  a keyword.

However, Google released “Custom Reporting” that lets you create a report based on what your needs are.

So now,  the  task is to figure out how to find and id other goals.

There are two parts to making a custom report, “Metrics” and “Dimensions”. The metrics are  the data, and the dimensions really analyze the data. For example,  for “Metrics”one can have “Goal Starts” or how many people arrived on a form page,  “Goal Completions” how many people finished or filled out a  form.

For Dimensions, one can see what Country , State, County/Town, Hour they where on the site and what site they came from.  One can have an maximum of 5 dimensions. This is very helpful if one needs to dig for specific data.

Are you trying to figure out what website referred the most traffic, what time to the most amount of sales come in or from what city, Custom Reporting holds the key.

Of course, one still has to use the search function to find the particular goal page in mind. At least the amount of steps is reduced and once you create a custom report, it can be accessed for other linked analytics accounts.

What are you doing to analyze your site when you have more than 4 goals on a budget or no budget? Inquiring minds want to know.





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