Sunday Drugstore Shopping: Comparing Online Store Circulars

Its another quiet Sunday Morning in the big city.  I was sound asleep when the phone rings.  Who is it?  Then I look at the caller id.  It could be one of two people that have veto power to call me.  Its Grandma.

“Steph, if and when you go out, please get a 9 volt battery. The smoke detector alarm is chirping.”

OK.  The good news is  that I actually have a coupon for the battery. Excellent.  Better news would be if I could find a special today in the newspaper.

I looked at the temperature online, 34 degrees.  Not as bad as yesterday, but being as lazy as I am,  I decide to look for drugstore circulars online  to see if I can find any specials to pair up with the coupon I have to maximize my savings.

Rite Aid:
1. Had to scroll down to find the circular link
2. Not able to click directly on the circular to the product of interest
3. Circular not easy to read. Text on Circular too small
4. It take 5 clicks to get from circular to product detail: Zip Code > Circular Front Page > Circular Page(s) > Individual Circular > Product Detail
5. Add to List and Print
6. Did find a battery deal, but not for the type of battery we are looking for.

1. Circular link in upper right hand corner
2. It takes 2 clicks to get to product detail. Circular Front Page > Product Detail
3. Easy to navigate b/w pages
4. Can Click directly on circular to get product detail.
5. Can Clip and Print product detail
6. Found a battery deal that fits.

Duane Reade:
1. Circular on the left hand side above the fold
2. Not able to click to product detail
3. Hard to tell what page of the circular you are on
4. Able to find a deal, but not as good as deal as CVS.

The winner, CVS, not only for the deal (and using the coupon), but also for the easy of navigation. Kudos to the CouponMom for the motivation.

Also, if you use a CVS card and have a account, you can also put some savings toward a college savings or loan account.





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