What to do when blog contributors leave?

If you have a blog whether corporate, non-profit, or none of the above, and more than one person contributes to it, its inevitable that they leave for one reason or another.

Its important to outline what happens just in case, just as one would outline in any contract.

First off, let me state that I’m not a lawyer. You may want to check with one before establishing your posting guidelines and rules.

1. Outline who owns the content. The default would be that the content belongs to the blog and/or website owner.

2. If you are a contributor, make sure that your name will remain as a contributor after the fact.

3. Ultimately, it is the blog owner’s prerogative to determine if they would like to leave the contributor’s name If the blog owner wants to delete the contributor, make sure that the blog post(s) get assigned to the blog owner as the author. (I learned that the hard way and I had to rebuild a page of my client’s blog after deleting a former contributor way too quickly.)

Do you have agreements with blog authors, whether they be employees, freelancers, or friends?

How do you handle contributors’ posts when they leave?



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