When it’s OK to consolidate blogs

As we know there are a lot of changes going on all around us and it seems like mergers and the like are all the rage. Personally, the revelation came to me while I was doing draft posts for this blog. I nearly had a nervous fit trying to figure out which blog to post to. How was I supposed to remember what I posted on this blog as opposed to another blog? Where I was going to find the time to write, edit and post?

Believe it or not, I have more blogs than I can count on one hand. Some are actively maintained, (like this one,) others are occasionally updated, and a few have been put on hold.

I then decided to roll back blog posts from the previous blog, back to this one. Why?

1. One place to post items related to what I do for a living.
2. This blog has longevity, as opposed to the other one which does not show up on Google’s radar, so I decided to transfer my portfolio posts into a pure WordPress CMS managed website that showcases my work.
3. Why I am not consolidating the others? They actually are show up on Google and the topics aren’t business related, so we’ll leave them be.

Have you consolidated your blog(s) or are you thinking about consolidation due to personal or professional reasons? Free free to comment.





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