Freelancing while sick

woman scrunches her coat up to hide her face
woman scrunches her coat up to hide her face

Sunday night/ Monday morning, I had an asthma attack. Being a city kid, this is nothing new. However in my adult years, this particular attack was brought on by stress of getting everything done before the holidays, another death in the family and not to mention the roller coaster of temperatures in the Northeast.
Getting around is no fun. Right now I say I have about 70% of my strength back. Climbing up subway stairs is like climbing Mt. Everest (not that I have climbed it.)
I had to cancel and postpone most of my appointments this week. If a client absolutely needs it done today, and cannot wait, then I refer them to someone else, period.
Even though freelancing is important, there is nothing more important than one’s health. After all, what good am I if I am sick?







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