Declutter your blog during downtime

Messy desk

While I was enjoying my last day in the Florida sun, I decided to optimize my blog. Along the way, I discovered a few tips that can help anyone with any blog.

  1. Go through “Uncategorized” or “General” posts and sort them out to their rightful categories. Not only will you be reducing the clutter in your blog, but also placing it in a named category is helpful for search engine optimization (SEO).
  2. While we are on the topic, look at categories that have zero, that’s “0” posts. You could go ahead and delete those categories as that are taking up database space.
  3. Also look at those categories that have a few posts, up to 5 for example. If your blog enables tagging, you can turn those categories into tags.
  4. If you have tags with a significant number of posts, it may be time to convert the tag into its own category.
  5. Similarly, if you have categories and/or tags with a significant number of tags, now may be the time to think about a spinoff.

Cleaning up clutter, whether virtual or physical helps to clear the ways for new creative ideas. After all, how do you think that I came up with this blog post. 😉





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