Rules to live by in 2009

Its the second day into the new year and lessons have already started to reveal themselves.

1. Honor your gut. I have been on the fence about a few projects for a long time. If I haven’t actively taken an interest in them, there is a reason. They weren’t meant for me. Let them go, but do give recommendations of professionals to prospects who are a better fit.

2. Say “No” more often. One of my challenges was being overextended. Due to this, I would take too much on,  stress and worry and then get sick. Like I said , what good am I if I’m sick? I can’t help anyone then.

3. Know my limits. Again this goes into being overextended. On one of the coldest days last month, I had to go out to do errands even though I was feeling bad because my time would be limited. Well it cost me an asthma attack. If I’m under the weather, I’m staying in, no matter what.

4. Schedule time off the radar. My trip to Florida helped me to recharged my batteries. Even though I have notified clients weeks in advance, I still got calls and had to do work during the holiday 😦 . At least I learned that I don’t always have to pick up the phone or answer an email immediately.



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