Blog Review: Peterman’s Eye

I’m trying out a new format, reviewing blogs that intrigue me. I hope to gain some insight as well as takeaways that can be applied to any blog.  So here we go.

While watching a DVR recording of Your Business, I saw the feature story of the J. Peterman Company.
During the story, they mentioned that they have a “blog” called Peterman’s Eye. So I went over to check it out.


The blog is just as authentic as the catalog, with ivory background like aged paper. The stories range from historical insight to travels and everything in between. However, I’m not writing to talk about the content, but the functionality of the blog.

1. How does a person subscribe? I get that the point is for visitors to become members. The “Sign up” link is small and not as prominent as it should be. The page calls to sign up in 2 places, in the upper left hand corner and at the bottom of the page after the post.
There is also a place to sign up for email alerts via Feedburner after the fold. For those not familiar with the RSS feed chicklet, it can be like a “scavenger hunt” figuring out how to keep informed.

2. If you got it, show it. Also on Your Business, they talked about the company’s Facebook presence. Having a link to the Facebook page from the blog would help. I understand that the company wants to keep things manageable, but with the link in place, it would help to bring awareness of the page.

3. Also, is it necessary to have 2 areas for Members’ Photos on each side of the blog. I would recommend picking a side and sticking with it.

4. Finally, Why is the camera covering the search box?. I don’t know about you, but I like to actually see what I’m typing, especially if I’m conducting a search query. Is is asking too much to move the camera above the search box? Just saying.

So let me know, what do you think? Visit the blog, come back and comment.






One response to “Blog Review: Peterman’s Eye”

  1. Yvonne Avatar

    Peterman’s Black Eye: as a long time customer of J Peterman, I always loved his marketing and products. I was intrigued with the Peterman’s Eye sight regarding the content which is very thought provoking; however, going on their chat room is a different story. The regulars are typical of many chat rooms you have a few who are there day and night and create a society of domination and pecking order. It cheapens the wonderful idea of exchange of ideas of their wonderful topics when the same people are dancing in cyber binkis on cyber boats, crowing a cyber queen, and old men are danced around cyberly was wise old Yodas. What was more disturbing was the Petermans eye allowance of harrassment by the regulars who seem to keep others out…use of vile words pertaining to womens private parts Kept on for over a month , and it being a family site. After making complaints, I decided to leave because the new younger staff do not seem to think vile name calling is wrong on a retail site. Perhaps Mr Petermans son will learn to respect customers of 15 yrs. I hate to think our new generation feel a family retail place sees harassment and vile name calling of womens private parts as normal. The management broke their own terms of agreement.. The few number of the same names says everything…Now in desperation Petermans Eye is trying to bring more people with a photo contest. This former customer of 15 yrs is taking our money elsewhere.

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