Form Matters: D.O.B. Denial

Welcome to another episode of  “Form Matters”  where I go and come across forms and evaluate the good, the bad and the ugly.

For a refresher, please refer to my first form critique exactly a year ago to the day… spooky.

Today, I received an email from someone in my network asking me to join yet another business networking site.  This site taunts itself as a contact manager.

So OK, I finally caved and started to fill out the form. and then this appears:

Why should any social networking site make a DOB year mandatory. I understand if it was an alcohol site or  adult site, but come on! I don’t want everyone to know how old I am.

At least Facebook lets you control which Birthday information can been seen  by contacts.

Are there any forms out there that make you want to scream, gasp and run for the hills? Let us know in the comments.







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