Using Twitter as a communication lifeline

I had open up a Twitter account for the college last week to string up updates from the blogs and the news announcements. Little did I know, I had no idea that it would tested so soon.

Just in case you didn’t know, most of the eastern seaboard got covered in snow  causing all New York City Public schools to be closed. Therefore, having the account  up and running  has proven to be timely.

MCNY on Twitter

Now whenever there is a post on the announcements, within a half hour, it shows up on Twitter. It was a bumpy road setting it up.

Since the blogs are both not on previous versions, I had to use TwitterFeed. Then Twitterfeed didn’t recognize the Twitter login information right away, so I set-up a account to be the “go between”.

Eventually, the Twitter account resolved and Twitterfeed got it rolling.






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