Backup your plugins before you upgrade

Here I am, another late night burning the midnight oil.  This is the time that I actually have the time to “hear myself”, but instead of being in slumber land, I am knee deep in deadlines.

One of the request that came across my desk was a link change. So I figure simple enough. I figure I can do that.

I opened up the client’s WordPress (WP) admin and I admit, the plugins section with the increasing number of upgraded plugins is pure evil.

My warning is to don’t do it. However, if you feel that you must, be sure to backup your entire plugin folder , even if it means copying it to a USB drive, anything  that you can easy retrieve if and when you need it.

In my case, I pressed that upgrade button too quickly and I was left with a plugin with errors and a broken website.

I attempted to edit the plugin in WP , which is a highly recommended no-no.

After silently screaming for 5 minutes or so, I remembered I had installed the same plugin on 4 other sites, so I was able to copy, paste and upload and everything was restored.

Now I can go off to dreamland.



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