Lessons and takeways from BlogWell

As some of you know, I was lucky to win a registration to BlogWell – How Big Companies Use Social Media here in New York City thanks to Guy Kawasaki. I attended the event yesterday and took away some great tips and insights I can being to take steps on both in my clients’ sites as well as my own.

Here are a few tips that I took away (I would of tweeted these, but I was afraid I would run out of power on my phone.):

“Disruption is a threat and an opportunity.” – Steve Douty, EVP nGeneva

“Make sure content is relevant and consistent.” – Nestor Portillo, Microsoft

“(According to Tim Berens- Lee,) The web has always been social. –
Rhonda Lowry VP, Social Media Technologies, Turner Broadcasting System

“Learning to take talk to people in real time about real issues. –
Rhonda Lowry, Turner Broadcasting System.

“If you have to ask it its OK, then its not.” – Andy Sernovitz, Gaspedal
(Sounds like something my Mom would of said.)

“Its about having conversations, not lectures” – Larry Blumenthal, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

“Going from broadcasting to the challenge of forming relationships” –
Marc Monseau – Johnson & Johnson

“My house (blog) my rules” – Marc Monseau – Johnson & Johnson
(This sounds like something Gram would say.)

To see what everyone had to say about the conference, follow #blogwell on Twitter.





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