From Brooklyn to Broadway…

I was asked by Ken Davenport of the Producer’s Perspective to speak to a group of Theatre (hope that’s the right spelling.) bloggers about tips and tricks to use to market their blogs. We also  touched a bit on social media as well.

Before the presentation, I got to mingle with the audience to see where their interests lie and what they were hoping to get out of the talk. Some wrote reviews, others work in the industry, so it was interesting to hear about the different viewpoints of being in theatre.



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One response to “From Brooklyn to Broadway…”

  1. Heidi Richards Mooney Avatar

    Hi, Steph! Love your blog… and how cool that you have the cover of Get More Business here. Thanks for being a contributor.

    You are so smart.

    Love your style.

    Have a great day… and then some.

    Heidi Richards Mooney, Author, Entrepreneur, Business Coach

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