12 Favorite Tweets from EduWeb 2009

View of Lake Michigan from the North Side

This is the second year that I’ve attended the EduWeb Conference. This year, there were more sessions that I wish I could of attended but couldn’t because some of them happened at the same time. Fortunately, thanks to to the resources of Twitter, I was able to view what was going on, even though I wasn’t in the room.

Here are some of my favorites:

AndreaGenevieve 5. Offer something valuable to constituents you are e-mailing #eduweb

jallgire Homework from @karlynm – get on email marketing lists and when we click on a link, ask ourselves “why”. #eduweb

jallgire Create. Optimize. Link. SEO is a Marathon. Can implement some things quickly but then need to keep doing it.(via @kylejames)  #eduweb

celiaperkins #eduweb Colleges and univ. are businesses! A novel idea! Sure wish they would learn to operate that way.

ECwagner It takes a community to recruit and retain a student! #eduweb

auwebmanager Everyone at your institution should know the school’s elevator pitch. #eduweb

ECwagner Stories not Stats, People not Programs… So true. #eduweb

mdmcginn Lectures are synchrous while students learn asynchrously. #eduweb brian niles

apetersen 6 recommendations: Listen. Participate. Update. Adapt. Analyze. (Repeat.) #eduweb

KarlynM have a clear vision, hire great people, get out of their way and hold them accountable #eduweb

celiaperkins #eduweb It’s not the tool, it’s the CONTENT!

j_rex Just do it. Just do it #eduweb @kylejames



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