TypePad as a CMS: From Blogher 2009 in Chicago

I finally have a recap in SlideShare of my Geek Lab talk on TypePad. There is only so much that was covered in such a short amount of time, that I decided to put what I wanted to say in a presentation.

View more presentations from nextsteph.

Disclosure: I know I have screenshots that are in Pre-launch format of the new TypePad. I prepared most of the images before the launch. In the future, I plan to edit the presentation with the new images when time permits.

@vdebolt posted:

#BlogHer09 Recap from the Geek Lab on Web Teacher http://bit.ly/shlmJ

Others that were in the Geek Lab included:

All or most of the sessions are now up on the Blogher site as well. This helps because there were so many great sessions at the same time that I either had to make a decision or leave the room halfway to make some of the other session(s).





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