Life after college: A letter to recent college graduates

Before we start: I would like to reference my Disclosure Policy. This is solely my opinion and no one else’s.  🙂

Welcome to the second third edition of Life after College. It has come to my attention that their is a certain news article about a recent  graduate suing a college because they have not been able to find employment.

Do they realize that we are in a recession? People that have degrees (including people that have multiple degrees) had jobs for years are getting laid off left and right are unable to find jobs. I even know of a teacher who’s salary was cut, so everyone is affected.

Back in the last century, (now I’m dating myself) it took me 6 months to find a job after graduation, also then the economy was a bit shaky.

Like Seth Godin suggested, why not start your own business, or volunteer at a community center to build and showcase skills on a resume.

Also let’s not forget about networking. There are online groups, meetups out there for every career interest. If not create one! It can build on leadership experience. One cannot depend solely on any one source for anything ( I’m still learning that by being a sole proprietor) . Some recent grads also took their message to the streets.

Catch up on books that you wanted to read during college but couldn’t. Read Johnny Bunko. Take classes you want to, not have to take. Volunteer at trade shows and conferences. Be creative, think out of the box, make an impact, and make your own opportunities.






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