Revisit your blog drafts for inspiration

Recently, I had been in a blogging drought.

Maybe it was the traveling, the  heat wave, twitter, or the work that’s been coming in .

Regardless, it can sometimes be tough to come up with topics to write about.

While  I’m writing this post, I have  been pretty productive  maybe because I have embraced my schedule and knowing when I write best is  half the battle.

When I decided to look at my blog drafts across multiple blogs, I realized I had nearly 100 drafts!

Some drafts I eventually developed but had not deleted the draft, so that took care of 5 posts or so.

Others, I simply either had to review  or add a picture, link or two.

The point is that its best to review jotted notes whether you have them in electronic format,in a journal or on a back of a napkin. You never know when your next blog post may come from.





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