Going for the reset button

Computer reset switch

Somehow this week in particular, has been all about upgrades. Now that everyone is back to business, I’m finding out that the same tools I had during the late spring early summer  are not going to cut it anymore.

Sometimes, upgrades do come with bumps in the road, and this week has been no exception. In between the iTunes 9 upgrade, resetting my iPod Touch many times, and upgrading some hardware it was almost enough to make anyone lose their cool.

What I realized throughout this week is that one can always return to the “reset” button. After pressing the reset button on my devices, I was eventually able to upgrade everything. This showed me that no matter how many times it seemed like I  was going backwards, I eventually ended up better off. Like how taking two steps back eventually leads to ten steps ahead.

So there are times that one has to press the “reset” button to pause, access, and determine what steps to take next.

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