Too Long to Re-Tweet Edition

If you are familiar with Twitter, you have probably seen some tweets that begin with “RT” or end with (via @twitterhandle).

Since tweets are only allowed 140 characters, there are some tweets that take full advantage of every character and therefore doesn’t allow any room for re-tweets.

Here are some tweets that I had recently run across what I would of re-tweeted but couldn’t, so this is the next best thing:

ADVICE: When getting on the elevator NEVER stand in the doorway when it opens up because the people on it probably have to get off first (via @kylejames)

Posterous users rejoice: Now you can customize the look of your blog with themeing (Disclosure: I am investor) (via @GuyKawasaki)

Not an avid T rider, put $20, wanted $5 card. Big advocate of T, not a big fan of the 15 Sacagawea coins #foxdebate (via @mffboston09)

top black entreps in – necessary to call out “top blacks” in a general biz mag? victimization continuing? am I alone? (via @ramonray)

Clear out clutter, delete messages/addresses of people that do not serve a positive purpose. Make room. Create a demand. Watch it be filled. (via @Moxieinthecity)

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