College students and Credit Cards

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When I first arrived on the college campus  as a student back in the last century, I got my first credit card before I was able to vote. I was with a fellow student (oh, the peer pressure)  questioned the representative  asking how I could of possibility qualified when I didn’t reach my 18th birthday yet.  I wasn’t even able to have access to my own birth certificate at the time, so I found it hard to believe that I could get a credit card.

I don’t remember receiving any freebies at the time, not that it mattered for signing up. All I remember is having a sense of independence.

The current proposed legislation should help colleges, students and families educate about the use of credit cards.

In my opinion, there also should be personal finance courses in high schools and in colleges to teach students how to manage their money.

I wish there were courses when I attended, but its never too late. There are many resources and seminars out there to help people take control of their finances.

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