Bouncing Back from a Setback

This week, I had *multiple* setbacks. Typically, this would be enough to put the average person on edge. I had to pull it together even though I have been feeling down.

One thing that I’ve learned about this week,  is that crappy things unfortunately happen. Its all how you react to them. Being that its the post-season, baseball is an excellent example of this.

I have grown to be a raving baseball fan.  I’m pretty inspired from all the guys who were on the DL (disabled list) for a spell and still managed to take it out of the park and shut it down on the field.

Everyone knows where my allegiance lies, but one cannot help but give a shout out to the Angels and Phillies.  The season started out rough for both teams with losses. Now, both teams find themselves in the Playoffs. How’s  that for bouncing back?

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